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Manila Zoo Worldwide Twitter Trend among others

I did a blog on Manila Zoo yesterday. My friend Karen posted it on (over here). I got an e-mail from someone in ABS-CBN and Manila Zoo is trending worldwide.

Social media amazes me.

Sadly, the photos I posted are not my own, and they are quite outdated.

I'm going to try to visit the zoo and take some pictures of my own. Hopefully it's improved from the pictures in my previous post and I can share some good news instead of horror.

Update: It's on now, too.

07/13/11 12:51AM Update: A Spanish forum posted about it. And blogged about it as well. It has received over 300 notes on Pinoytumblr. This is overwhelming.

It's a Trending Topic for the Philippines until now:

And has caught the attention of some celebrities:

Carlos Celdran's Facebook post

Amazing what the internet can do in a day.
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