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27 May 2012 @ 11:15 pm
Sun-kissed: the ManikaManila Summer Meet Photos!  
ManikaManila has always wanted to have a summer meet, complete with a pool and all. Now that we're bigger than we've ever been, we felt it was finally time to hold it. After a number of venue problems and lots of stress (mostly on Kuri's part), Sun-kissed, the ManikaManila Summer Meet was able to push through!

And I'm soooooooo glad it did.

1. Krishna (hibiemi) with Ichigo, Ulalume, Viola (Trisha's) & Lucy (Monique's)
2. Tin (miztylaneous)
3. Pao (pd1223) with Harper & Solara
4. Kass (kickasskass) with Blair & Miette
5. Mark (markknife1)
6. Janine (yaminotenshi11) with Jared & Addie
7-8. Jhulian (ylden) and Wintzel with Frei & Blake
9. Nix (kuro_akira) with Diva, Starr, Quibble, Littlerose & Drift
10. Anj (battiegotriddim) with Chlo, Tori, Dokilittle, Dicelittle & Drift
11. Lala (ribbonfiend) with Ninon
12. Marik (noxxtis) with Kitt, Sky, Crow & Ziggy
13. Kyra (devolvedarling) with Zita, Lakan, Duckie & Kouta
14. Karen (nerakk) with Miya Miya, Yuna, Morgana, Lee, Marshal, Marceline, Hana, Loli & Yu
15. Jai (jaiant_panda) with Kaden & Patch
16. Tic (sylphidkitty) with Glacian, Harb & Suishou
17. Ricci (dheity_rigel) with Amihan & Isha
18. Kanis (dollground) with Josh & Ceth
19. Marie (marieangelcakes) with Hyuna, Althia & Ashe
20. Aimee (chamcham44) with Pullips Makoto, Emile, Brie, Kato & Skye

Please let me know if I need to change/add anything!

Group photo! The dolls didn't all fit on one side so we had to utilize all sides of the table.

Karen and Kyra's lovelies~

idk who that poofy-haired creature on the leftmost belongs to. LOL
With Tic's kids and...ohohoho Chlo and Ninon. c:

This was what was on the other side. He eventually gave in when there was no more space left to put the newcomers. Thank you, Isha. XD

Bloody friends, Tori and Karen's hardcore kid Lee. 8D

Frei and his new housemate, Blake :>

...Dicelittle. akja;glkajsg;laksjgasl;gkjasg;l *dies of cute*

And now, photos of people taking photos of me taking photos of them! *shot*

T'was her idea. Hi moon of my lifeKass. c:

Tin in full summer mode~

Hi Anjeh veveh. ♥

The cover photo~ XD LaToya, Quib and Kass' new sweetheart little girl, Miette~

Miss Wilde wearing a DevolveDarling bikini. c: ♥ ilu Kyra.

Now spam.

That hand was made for photos. XD

Lakan, back and muscle-fiedand super pretty! C8

ZiKan? ♥

♥ ♥ ♥ Zita, always wonderful to photograph ;u;

Lots of newcomers today! Welcome Tic's newest, Suishou! ♥

With loverboy Glacian :3

Another of Tic's new lovelies...Harb ♥

Oh, Harb~ X)

The lovely Ichigo ♥

And of course, her housemate Lumie I'm on a seal!

Another "newcomer"? Mr. Perfect Genes, Drift. 8) ♥ ♥ ♥

♥ X}

Aimee's crew!!! Always nice to see em. So cute~ *u*

And now some DivaZita spam.

Diva lovesfangirls over her BFF.

Oh these two~

I do not obvsly reallyreally love taking photos of them.

A wild Jai appears with Korean!Kaden and Patch~ 8) Nice seeing you guys again!!!

Mr. Quira with the Lion Eyes as I like to call em. Newly acquired from Kanis' Makoeyes GO. I am reallyreallyreally happy with them. Starr looks so intense. ;u;

Some people mistake Drift for Starr in thumbnails. Might be cause Drift is using Starr's old wig. XD

y u two look good together

This lady was on watch from above the pool. I bet when no one's looking, she dives in herself. 8D

Lovebirdsssss. C8 Jared and Addie.

...omg. It's Marie. It's really her. ;A;

These two also got new eyes that day. 8) Littlerose got his Makoeyes and Dokilittle got his Alicecollections eyes. 8D They are now more like their big selves who are clearly having tooooo much fun in China

Deceiving photo. XD Littlerose is actually 2cm taller than Dokilittle. idk why Doki looks so much more semetaller than Rose here. XDDD

8) ♥

Harper and Miya Miya :3

Pretty Hana~!

Most Bongga Award goes to... XDDDD
ohai Crow. c:

Mr. Conservative-read-your-Bible-pray-everyday Sky 8D

Pretty pretty Amihan~ X3

Aww Ashe and Althia~ ♥

Ceth and Hyuna finally reunite after three long months. CETH I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU

New girl, Lucy ♥
Her owner wasn't present that day, though. Hope to see you at a meet soon~! ;u;

And then I jumped into the pool and forgot about taking more pictures while the sun was still out. I am a fool.

When the sun went down, I did however get these shots that look like an afterparty at the beach, or something.

♥ :>

KYAAAAA I cannot tell who is cuter. Maybe Duckie and Kouta combined > Lakan

Kitt and Crow c:

Kass' lovely girls who are more suited to pretty sunlit photos but I failed them. I am so sorry ;o;

obligatory Diva and Starr. ahurrhurr.

and then the night ended with karaoke and McDonald's delivery!

I shall end with a shot of girl friends Diva and Ninon at Lala's house, where I waited for my dad to pick me up. Thanks again, bb. ♥

I love you guys. X) I had so much fun. Pool parties must become a summer tradition.
MM ftw! ♥
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Nixkuro_akira on June 4th, 2012 02:05 am (UTC)
Thanks Nanz. Not too proud of this batch, but I try :)